More about Linux...


The Linux[1] Operating System [2] come in many different distributions (distros). In the Linux philosophy, you can have a system on your computer that is customized for your specific needs. Because New Development has years of experience with different Linux distros, we also help our clients to choose the right Linux distro for their specific needs and to install and set it up.


[1] Stricly speaking, "Linux" is just the kernel (inner core functions) of the operating system (OS) and we should speak about GNU/Linux, but this is awkward and the name "Linux" is commonly used for the whole OS. There are versions of GNU running on other kernels (e.g. GNU/Hurd or GNU/Mach). [Wikipedia]

[2] An operating system (OS) is basically the main program (or group of programs) controlling all the other programs running on a computer as well as controlling all the computer hardware.

[3] Ubuntu is also known as being the brain child of Mark Shuttleworth.

[4] A live distro is a linux version that can run directly from CD without needing to install it permanently to hard disk. Many live distros can also be installed to the hard drive. This gives one the opportunity to test the specific distro before installing it. Some live distros are also specialised for system recovery and not for installation.

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